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The Final Chapter!

I haven’t updated the blog for a while, my apologies, but i think i’ve got some pretty fair excuses. In the last month, i’ve finished my Apprenticeship, started a new job role, moved out and bought a new car – told you i had some fair excuses! This blog post will focus on the end of my apprenticeship and what career moves i’ve chosen for next.

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More tech cert exams and lots of work!

Since moving office at the end of December, it has been so hectic in the office. I’ve neglected my apprenticeship work this year apart from taking 3 Technical Certificate exams. I did them online, so I received the result straight away. I passed 2 and failed the 3rd – but I’m not too worried as I didn’t revise and I can retake it whenever (the benefits of doing an apprenticeship with a training provider!)

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Technical Certificate

The technical certificate units are the part of an apprenticeship that is knowledge based and tested through multiple choice exams. It sounds like the daunting part or the difficult part – the exam.

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