Apprentice Blog

The Final Chapter!

I haven’t updated the blog for a while, my apologies, but i think i’ve got some pretty fair excuses. In the last month, i’ve finished my Apprenticeship, started a new job role, moved out and bought a new car – told you i had some fair excuses! This blog post will focus on the end of my apprenticeship and what career moves i’ve chosen for next.

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Work update

Haven’t really updated you recently on what i’ve been doing on the work side of things. It’s been fairly hectic as we’re still transitioning from moving office and adjusting to new funding streams for apprenticeships. Our two floor office is still merged to the top floor as we wait for work to start downstairs (it used to be a laboratory!)

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National Apprenticeship Expo

Event dates and times:

  • Thursday 4th October 2012 @ the Southampton Guildhall From 10.00am to 5.00pm
  • Friday 5th October 2012 @ the NEC Birmingham From 10.00am to 5.00pm
  • Saturday 6th October 2012 @ the Alexandra Palace London From 10.30am to 4.30pm

Event description:

Unsure about what to do? College, university or get a job? The National Apprenticeship Expo 2012 is a series of three bold, unique and innovative exhibitions dedicated to apprenticeships. nae2k12 will give its visitors in Southampton, Birmingham and London the opportunity to meet colleges, academies, professionals and career advisers, to gather information as well as understand the range of apprenticeships and routes available in different sectors providing training. The event will feature open conferences, debates (where you will have your say) and workshops (some run by apprentices themselves) to help you getting a head start on your career. And yes, it is free! And more, on arrival each visitors will receive a welcome goody bag completed with freebies.

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Collecting evidence for my apprenticeship

Now i’ve completed my technical certificate and my functional skills, all that’s left of my apprenticeship is to collect evidence to prove my competency. It’s not exam based, the main part of the apprenticeship, so the tutor needs to collect evidence that shows i know what i’m doing – it’s a little bit like coursework.

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Meeting with my tutor

Yesterday, i had my first tutor meeting in a while. Progress in my apprenticeship has been held up slightly as my company have recently moved office and i’ve had a change in tutor. Nevertheless, i feel that i’m back on track after a positive meeting. I have a task list to complete and a final tech cert exam scheduled.

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